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While You Wait for the Pandemic to End and Go Shoot, Do these 10 Things

What are you as a filmmaker to do with all this free time during a pandemic like COVID-19 when you can’t actually shoot?   For you, life during coronavirus means sheltering in place at home, unless you are also an essential worker. This is agony for sure, since filmmaking is a passion that can only be fulfilled by actually working on a film. But this pandemic is temporary and, sooner or later (most likely, later), things will get “normal” again... to a degree. So, what are some things you can do besides editing your movie or tweaking your script? Here’s a list of 10 things:      Hone your pitching skills. Prepare for your shoot in a post-coronavirus world by updating your contracts and developing on-set policies in keeping with health guidelines. And be sure to implement them when you shoot! Draft a psychological profile of your film’s audience. Read The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Indiewire, Mubi Notebook, and any other sources of news and analysis about the cult