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PRODUCTION JOURNAL: A Short Film Director's Journey to Sundance 2015

The 414s |  Michael T. Vollman | 2015 | USA | Format: various/unknown  | 12 min  When I was young I wanted to be a hacker (I also wanted to skateboard). My friends and I toyed around with hacking on our Commodore 64 and our school's old Apple Macintoshes but needless to say we didn't become very good at it. (Or skateboarding). Now comes along the story of some kids who did become very good at hacking. So good that the FBI had to chase them down and Congress had to pass legislation to address hacking. Michael T. Vollman is the director of this short story about these hackers called The 414s: The Original Teen Hackers. I would watch it based on the subject of hacking alone but, as a producer, I'm curious to know about his journey to Sundance. Fortunately for us, he wrote a diary of his trip to Sundance, highlighting his experiences there and sharing what it's like to sell your film. Since I believe that the more we know about how things are done behind the scenes

PRODUCTION JOURNAL: What It's Like to Sell 3 Films in Sundance

One of the best ways we learn is through the experience of others.  That is one reason why we read about people in the industry and the things they do.  Producer   Galt Niederhoffer 's account of bringing and selling her 3 films in Sundance is illustrative of what to expect and what to take heed of for aspiring indie filmmakers.   Read it in full  not only for the big and small lessons it contains but for a voyeuristic glimpse into what your life as a producer may be like , for better or worse .  My favorite take-aways were her thoughts on the current and future film market: The media is pushing the through­line that the muted sales and lower prices reported to date at this year's festival are because the films have been just "meh." In my opinion, the more mellow market is a function of several factors:   1. Distributors have learned to hang back and unite — not in a traditional collusive sense, but because they've been burned in the past and now know

PRODUCTION JOURNAL: The Complete List of 2014 Cannes Winners and Sellers (as of 5.25.14)

The announces the list of winners at this year's Cannes : The Jury of this 67 th  Festival de Cannes, presided over by Jane Campion, revealed  this evening the prizes winners during the Awards Ceremony. Lambert Wilson hosted Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino on the stage  of the Grand Théâtre Lumière to award the Palme d’or to  Nuri Bilge CEYLAN   for his film  WINTER SLEEP . Sergio Leone’s  Per un pugno di dollari  ( A Fistful of Dollars ) presented  by Quentin Tarantino, was screened at the end of the ceremony. Palme d'or WINTER SLEEP  by Nuri Bilge CEYLAN   Grand Prix LE MERAVIGLIE (The Wonders)  by Alice ROHRWACHER Best Director Award Bennett MILLER for  FOXCATCHER   Jury Prize ex-aequo MOMMY  by Xavier DOLAN ADIEU AU LANGAGE (Goodbye to language)  by Jean-Luc GODARD   Best Screenplay Award Andrey ZVYAGINTSEV and Oleg NEGIN for  LEVIATHAN Best Actress Award Julianne MOORE in  MAPS TO THE STARS  by David CRONENBERG Best Ac