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PRODUCTION TIPS: It's Better to Avoid a Lawsuit Than to Win One pt. 3

In parts 1 and 2 , we covered the reality of being sued and ways to minimize the chances of that happening (and losing) by essentially displaying common sense, taking the time out to make sure 'things are what they seem' and getting everything in writing.  Producers and filmmakers with money hire lawyers and others to do all that work for them so they can focus on the fun stuff like directing scenes or hobnobbing with actors and financiers. The true no-budget filmmaker can't hire a lawyer to do the work but the work still needs to get done somehow.  This series has been an attempt to provide no-budget filmmakers, like you, some guidelines to help you organize and minimize your risk.* INTERNS.  'Everyone loves PA interns cuz they work for free, right?!?' Wrong. The Blackswan case was a wake-up call for the industry; your interns are not a way to get free labor.  For far too long, interns have been used in abusive manners (even if the producers didn't i

PRODUCTION JOURNAL: Midweek Morning Mixer - 10.16.13

Edison's Black Maria, the world's first film production studio October 16, 1894 On Wednesday 16 October 1894, rodeo star Lee Martin from Buffalo Bill ’s Wild West Show rode a wild bronco for the cameras of W. K. Dickson . Performed in a makeshift rodeo just outside Thomas Edison’s “Black Maria,” the first movie production studio located in West Orange, New Jersey, the early cowboy spectacle was part of a cavalcade of entertainments –– from cock fights and boxers to jugglers and magicians –– that Dickson filmed. Buffalo Bill, who just happed to be performing in Brooklyn at the time, brought down a range of stars from his traveling show to perform, including Martin, and, then two weeks later, Annie Oakley gave a sharp-shooting demonstration. ~~ Focus Features ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ WRITING: What are 18 exercises you can do right now to combat writer's block and fix your script? PRODUCING: What are the top 10 successful ho