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CASE STUDY: A Look at Some of TV's Most Successful PODs

With news that Neal Baer (showrunner of Under the Dome, Law & Order: SVU, ER) just signed a POD deal with 20th Century Fox , I thought it was worth looking at the holy grail for television writers/producers: the POD deal aka the production overall deal.  Now we don't often talk about television productions but with the quality of television productions meeting and oftentimes exceeding the quality of films, it's time to reconsider. I'm a big believer in aiming high and learning from successful people so the article below will give you something to aim for (POD deals) and give you examples of people with POD deals to learn from. A Look at Some of TV’s Most Successful PODs  Originally published by Film Escape April 5, 2015 and written by Charlie Sierra It’s every TV writer/producer’s dream to get a POD deal at a studio. To be paid handsomely and respected for the work that you create is something that everyone strives for.  A POD (production overall deal is ba

CASE STUDY: The Days of Summer for Broadcast TV

Reading this article by Lacey Rose, was an eyeopener (almost as much as this one ).  The broadcast networks are truly trying to come up with ways to deal with their loss of ratings and audience viewership and one of the ways is by offering original summer programming.  The time when they could take summer off and leave show development for the fall might be over for good now that cable has exploited that window to great success with year-round original programming.  Although the 4 major networks are aware of the dilemma, the networks are going into summer with different strategies based on trying to answer the following question: How to offer originals in a way that's economically feasible at a time of year when viewership and ad money are down? Each of the networks are answering the question in different ways (see below). In turn, the answers made me think of  what that could mean for TV producers and production companies developing future projects and which of the current/