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PRODUCTION JOURNAL: Making A Short Film with Abbas Kiarostami in 10 Days

RIP to the legendary Iranian filmmaker, Abbas Kiarostami . I can only think of two ways to honor the man; by watching his films and studying his filmmaking philosophy and methods. Here are some of his movies that I recommend: Taste of Cherry , Close-up , and The Wind Will Carry Us . In the meantime, here's a quick glimpse into Kiarostami's filmmaking philosophy and methods courtesy of Martin Snyders' article, " Here’s What It’s Like to Make A Short Film with Abbas Kiarostami in 10 Days ": After graduating from Columbia University and toiling for years as a screenwriter, I finally made my feature film debut in 2013 with an independent, romantic comedy called "Missed Connections." The film won multiple audience awards at festivals, reached number one on iTunes’ independent sales charts and The Playlist  even suggested  me as a "filmmaker to keep an eye on." Things were looking up. I went to Hollywood, represented by a major talent a

PRODUCTION JOURNAL: Monday Morning Mixer - 11.4.13

November 4 Barack Obama became the first African-American president today in 2008. For many that was a new day of hope and, for others, the first step into hell. Well, whatever, I for one was happy.  But that's life, a heady mix of the good and the bad depending on your perspective.  And in the film & TV industry, today was both a happy one and a sad one too.   Happy for those born today, like... 1879 – Will Rogers , American actor (d. 1935) 1913 – Gig Young , American actor (d. 1978) 1918 – Art Carney , American actor (d. 2003) 1959 – Ken Kirzinger , Canadian actor and stuntman 1961 – Ralph Macchio , American actor 1961 – Jeff Probst , American television host and producer 1969 – Sean Combs , American rapper, producer, and actor 1969 – Matthew McConaughey , American actor And sad for those who died today like... 1982 – Jacques Tati , French actor and director (b. 1907) 2011 – Andy Rooney , American radio and television host (b. 1919) +++++++++++++++++++++