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The COVID-19 “Get Back to Filmmaking” Checklist

The COVID-19 “Get Back to Filmmaking” Checklist A 40-point checklist from development to post-production   by Danny Jiminian   In the modern age, this much is true for our cultural, artistic, and even spiritual sanity: we need movies, videos and TV shows. That is why we have to keep shooting films, videos and TV shows. But we must do it safely. To that end, productions around the world are using a variety of guidelines to ensure the safety and security of their cast and crew. Some of them are mandated by the host country’s government and some of them were designed by cast and crew using their creativity.   Only a working and readily available vaccine will resolve this problem. So until then, the ultimate goal is to control the spread of the virus by overhauling standard filmmaking workflows with effective yet efficient guidelines. The ideal pre-vaccine filmmaking environment is (1) a constantly sanitized set (2) circulating clean fresh air (3) for s