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PRODUCTION TIPS: 4 ways to make your editor's life easier and your film better

The importance of the editor in film and video can not be overstated. For many, what makes film a unique artform from all others IS the editing. Furthermore,  many famous directors “made their bones” as editors and credit that experience as the reason why they can direct.  And while many top directors switch DPs and crews for each production, they consistenly trust their work with one editor . That’s why as a producer-director it’s important to hone and heighten that professional relationship with your editor to serve your film well.  This is the case even if you’re editing a film you directed yourself since you have to change hats when you step off the set and into the editing room to look at your footage with fresh eyes.  So, what are some things the producer and director can do to make the editor’s life easier, and by default, lead to a better finished film?  To find that out, I spoke with professional film and video editor, Liette Pedraza , who had the following thi