PRODUCTION JOURNAL: Midweek Morning Mixer - 10.16.13

Edison's Black Maria, the world's first film production studio
October 16, 1894

On Wednesday 16 October 1894, rodeo star Lee Martin from Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show rode a wild bronco for the cameras of W. K. Dickson. Performed in a makeshift rodeo just outside Thomas Edison’s “Black Maria,” the first movie production studio located in West Orange, New Jersey, the early cowboy spectacle was part of a cavalcade of entertainments –– from cock fights and boxers to jugglers and magicians –– that Dickson filmed. Buffalo Bill, who just happed to be performing in Brooklyn at the time, brought down a range of stars from his traveling show to perform, including Martin, and, then two weeks later, Annie Oakley gave a sharp-shooting demonstration. ~~ Focus Features

WRITING: What are 18 exercises you can do right now to combat writer's block and fix your script?

PRODUCING: What are the top 10 successful horror production companies making big bucks with fear? 

FINANCING: How do you create an actionable timeline for crowdfunding your movie?

DIRECTING: What are the 50 greatest shots in film history?

SHOOTING: What do you know about steadicam?

LIGHTING: How should you light dark skin
And some more on that topic. Plus this video...

SOUND: What are 5 examples where the choice of music made the scene work?

STUNTS & FX: Who ensures no animals were harmed in the making of a film? (Bonus: visit the Production Toolkit for AHA guidelines and videos on working with animals.)

EDITING: How can you make an AVID editing bay for under $1500?

MARKETING:What are 6 ways to fix movie trailers?

DISTRIBUTION: What is a festival worth for your film?

LEGAL:  What are some things you should know about production insurance?  And a few things more...

And here's more of Dickson's Buffalo Bill videos:

Shooting at the Black Maria

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