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PRODUCTION TIPS: A Plan for Managing Film Funds in a Joint Account

“People who want to make a million borrow a million first” ― Sophie Kinsella, Shopaholic Takes Manhattan   “Money often costs too much.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson  Money is both the lifeblood and the bane of film; we need it to express our visions on celluloid (or digital) but getting it is a struggle.  And getting the money is not only hard to get but also hard to keep.  Now, although most directors and producers (and sentient earthlings) would prefer to have the problems associated with money than be broke, it is still important to remember that keeping the money can be even more problematic than getting it.  That point was made vividly clear to me by a case I read recently and a question I came across on a Facebook group page.  Essentially, they dealt with the strategy and consequences of handling money with a business partner and setting up a joint bank account for the purposes of a production. The case I read  dealt with the misappropriated funds o

PRODUCTION TIPS: 6 questions to ask before submitting to Amazon Studios

The greatest obstacle to a filmmaker's career has always been access. Specifically, access defined as the opportunity to pitch and produce a project with major studios, movie stars, production companies, network executives, agents and distributors.  Reaching the people with the financial and logistical capabilities to make a major movie has been made almost impossible by the narrow gate that only lets a privileged few through.  For the most part, to get through has required a combination of networking, winning a major festival award and luck.  Despite the advent of digital technology (or maybe because of it ~~ more competitors trying to make it) it's still hard to break in.   But now, Amazon Studios is offering the public at large the opportunity to make their filmmaking dreams come true.  And while the opportunity offered still requires talent and work, at least there is a peace of mind knowing that Amazon Studios is offering a legitimate opportunity and not just a huck

PRODUCTION TIPS: The Chain of Title is VITAL to your Production

The journey to produce your project, whether long or short, is filled with so many steps along the way that many filmmakers overlook important details in their quest to write, shoot and edit it right.  Ensuring you have the best script, shots and cuts truly are vital since without them you don't have a good production. But without taking care of all the other details you won't be able to avoid legal and financial issues along the way, let alone sell your film. A habit that should become essential for every filmmaker is to have a proper "chain of title" collected neatly in an accordion folder or large binder.  The chain of title is your collection of legal, production and financial documents that you collected (or should have) throughout the filmmaking process.  These documents are just as important as your script, critic reviews, film, and press kit. Having a chain of title is a must to secure any type of distribution agreement because it is what assures the d