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PRODUCTION TIPS: Don't be like Randall Miller - Think Safety

Filmmakers sacrifice alot for their art; their sleep, their bank account, their time, their family, their sanity, even their health. That is understandable to a degree since the need and desire to express yourself trumps the more rational necessities of life. But while filmmakers, as artists, might believe there is no limit, there really is and that is when you take someone's life in your hands. It feels morally repugnant to risk someone's life for art or money. But it happens in film. And the reality is that it has to happen. It has to happen because without taking risks you can't "get that shot" or "finish the film" or "make the fight scene look amazing." But because there are risks to making movies, the filmmaker has a sacred duty to do all within their power to minimize the risks.   What is truly morally repugnant is when a filmmaker risks someone's life without doing all in their power to minimize the risks. Accidents will alwa

PRODUCTION TIPS: What is a Loan-Out Company? And Should I Form One?

Although I wrote this originally for El Blog de HOLA with actors in mind, loan-out companies are used by artists and entertainers of all stripes; directors, musicians, writers, producers, fashion designers, etc. Therefore, the following below is beneficial to you too if you have reached a certain level of success in the arts and entertainment industries. +++++++ “I’ve heard that a lot of Hollywood actors have a loan-out company for their acting services. What is a loan-out company and should I form one?” A loan-out company is a business entity formed by entertainers like actors, musicians, directors, producers, etc. (“owner”) to provide their services under the guise of  “employee” to a third party like a studio, production company, television network, record label, etc. Although usually a C corporation (one that is taxed separately from its owners), the loan-out can be an LLC (limited liability company)or an S corporation. It is called a loan-out because the company “le

PRODUCTION JOURNAL: Sundance and Rotterdam Roundups 2015 + BERLINALE 2015 Lineup

Stardate: 1.10.15 Two top film festivals have ended and we are in the beginning stages of a third top fest & film market (Berlinale). I study the news of the film festivals in a bipolar fashion; my left brain analyzes what kind of films made deals to get a pulse on the market and my right brain what films have the potential to inspire, impress or interrogate me.  ~~ Danny Indio SUNDANCE Sundance 2015 lineup ~~ MUBI Notebook SUNDANCE AWARD WINNERS: U.S DRAMATIC Grand Jury Prize Me and Earl and the Dying Girl  (Alfonso Gomez-Rejon) Audience Award Me and Earl and the Dying Girl  (Alfonso Gomez-Rejon) Directing Award The Witch  (Robert Eggers, U.S./Canada) Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award The Stanford Prison Experiment  (Tim Talbott) Special Jury Award – Excellence in Cinematography Diary of a Teenage Girl  (Brandon Trost) Special Jury Award – Excellence in Editing Dope  (Lee Haugen) Special Jury Award – Collaborative Vision Advantageous