PRODUCTION JOURNAL: Monday Morning Mixer - 7/22/13

Captain's Log. Star Date 07.22.13
The cycle continues.  A new day begins a new week to learn more about producing, directing, lighting and editing, read about what Hollywood cares about nowadays (hint: s_perh_roes) or get inspired by the rules of a master and the vision of a photographer (who was himself inspired by early films).  You see the cycle continues...
  1. San Diego Comic Con 2013 news roundup on all the movies and tv shows discussed, mentioned, poured over, screamed for, drooled about, hollered at and high-fived.
  2. Ted Hope and Christine Vachon's FREE 4-hour filmmaking masterclass seminar. Did I mention it was FREE*. (hat tip to nofilmschool)
  3. Wim Wenders' nifty 50 rules of filmmaking. (hat tip to Roger Duck)
  4. Pulp Art Book: a multimedia project by Los Angeles based artist Neil Krug in a creative collaboration with Joni Harbeck, wherein his photography can be seen in limited edition prints, books and films. Check out some pieces from Pulp Art Book: Vol. 2 inspired by Poliziotteschi films, a sub-genre of crime and action film that emerged in Italy in the late 1960s and reached the height of their popularity in the 1970s.
  5. Master-critic David Bordwell's video essay on constructive editing.
  6. Interview with director Nicolas Winding Refn on Only God Forgives and his moviemaking career.
  7. Shoot your documentary with your iPhone.  Yeah... it's still a viable method.
  8. Music video cinematographer, Matthias Koenigswieser, talks about the craft and art of shooting and lighting videos. 
  9. An opportunity for an IFP-member producer with a feature film under her belt to attend the Rio Market on October 1-4, 2013. (hat tip to Vanessa Erazo)

*Seriously, it's free. You do have to register but that's free too.

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