Today, I'd like to try something a little different... and that's use video to answer every question today.  So thank you YouTube! 
I still wish I had created you, but alas... thank you for being you. 

Today's theme will be NO- to MICRO- to LOW-BUDGET FILMMAKING. 

P.S. Don't forget to visit the Filmmaker's Toolkit for all the forms, templates and information you need to make your films at every phase of production from Development to Distribution.

WRITING: Why do most people fail at screenwriting?

PRODUCING: How do you pre-plan a no-budget movie?

FINANCING: Why do you need money to make money when it comes to making a film?

DIRECTING: What are the top 5 tips for new directors or how you can become a better director?

SHOOTING: How do you make a dolly track?

LIGHTING: Building a lighting kit, what are the professional film lights you should stock your kit with (at a minimum)?

SOUND: How do you record high quality audio on a budget?

STUNTS & VFX: Is it possible to use effective VFX with a micro-budget?

EDITING: What's the difference between color correction and color grading (in 30 seconds)?

MARKETING: What are the things you should do, at a minimum, to promote your film?

DISTRIBUTION: How do you get distribution for your indie film?

LEGAL:  What can you lean about film distribution and film markets from entertainment lawyer, Mark Litwak?


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