PRODUCTION JOURNAL: Monday Morning Mixer - 12.23.13 (HBD Transistor Edition)

Amplifier circuit, common-emitter configuration with a voltage-divider bias circuit.

HBD to the transistor, the fundamental building block of modern electronic devices, found in everything from TVs, mobile phones, radios, calculators and computers.  That you can read this post is a function of the transistor's capabilities, so thank you John Bardeen, Walter Brattain, and William Shockley for developing it at Bell Labs in 1947.  Thanks to the transistor we can watch movies on screens as large as walls and as small as belt buckles.

WRITING: What are the elements of a good scene?

LEGAL: How much does an entertainment lawyer cost?

PRODUCING: Do women prefer films made by female filmmakers?

FINANCING: How do you finance a movie using VOD sales projections?

DIRECTING: How do you turn your boring movie into a Hitchcock thriller? (h/t to Jeffrey Michael Bays and makes a great last-minute gift)

SHOOTING: How do you add diffusion to your image by 'netting' the lens?

LIGHTING: Want to learn a great 3 light set up using special effects lighting?

SOUND: How do you record surround sound?

STUNTS & FX: What does performance-capture acting master, Andy Serkis, have to say about his craft?

EDITING: How do you make your character fly using After Effects?

DISTRIBUTION: What are 10 film distribution essentials?

MARKETING: What can you learn from taking your film idea through The Film Marketability Reality Check?


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