PRODUCTION TIPS: YOUR Calendar for the Top Screenplay Contests & Labs in 2014

My favorite thing about starting a new year is filling out my planner with all the deadlines and screening dates for all the major contests, grant applications, markets and festivals I want to enter or visit.   Doing this hones whatever filmmaking or networking goals I have set for myself and also allows me to plan out my goals for the year to see in an instant what I can realistically aim for and when.  No matter how successful the filmmaker, he or she is caught up in a cycle of developing, writing, producing and selling projects.  Moreso, the hungry filmmaker climbing up that ladder of success.  For the filmmaker at the bottom, knowing the top script contests, film grants, festivals and markets mark one of the key differences between becoming successful or not.   Knowing the top places to target means you are not wasting time chasing fruitless ventures.  So, if you are reading this, it's because you ARE serious about climbing up that ladder and getting to a point where you are making an actual living in the film/TV industry.  Good luck in 2014 and never forget... behind the visuals, a vision!

Many screenwriting contests out there are a waste of time.  They are expensive and don't do much for your career.  At least with a third tier film festival, you'll have an opportunity to watch your movie on the big scree, meet other filmmakers and put a festival laurel on your trailer/DVD packaging which can help market it. Still, winning a script contest can be a low-cost way to break in to the film industry.  Still, you have to win a reputable script contest to get ahead.  A script contest worth it's salt is visited by agents and producers on the prowl for talent.  Review the history of a top contest and you'll find successful screenwriters and filmmakers who won in the past as well as noteworthy agents, producers and filmmakers on the judging panel. Good contests also tend to provide feedback which can elevate your script even if it doesn't win.  Finally, the top contests offer worthy prizes.  

So check out the following contests to see which one is perfect for your feature or short, your wallet and your future.

* Calendar date is for the approximate Earlybird deadlines.  Check each site for actual submission deadlines including Regular and Late Deadlines as well as fees and rules to enter.











Stay tuned for The Film Festival and Film Market Calendar.


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Behind the visuals, a vision.

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