PRODUCTION TIPS: YOUR Calendar for the Documentary Film Grants, Fundsand Fellowships YOU Need in 2015

Will film scholars look back and consider this era the golden age of documentary filmmaking? Documentaries are all over the cinematic landscape from YouTube to Vimeo to TV to theater screens. Whether you like the genre or not, the ubiquity and power of documentary filmmaking can not be denied. Aside from educating audiences, spreading awaress or inspiring viewers, documentaries also open the doors for filmmakers looking to start a successful career. With a powerful message, a compelling vision and low-budget equipment, there is no reason to NOT shoot a great documentary. Ok, I realize you still need funding... but guess what, you can get that too. You just have to know where to look and when to apply. So, without further ado... Below is a list of Funds, Grants and Fellowships that cater primarily to the documentary filmmaker.  









* Links are listed under the month when the application deadline to submit a proposal is due.  Check each site for exact proposal deadlines.  This list is composed of funds and grants for documentary ideas and proposals.  If you know of other grants, funds or fellowships, email me and I will update the list. For an exhaustive list of programs and funds to apply for films in other stages of development, production and post-production, visit the PBS site and the IDFA site.

image above: Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One (William Greaves, 1968)

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