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Get your FREE e-book: The Filmmaker's Toolkit from Development to Distribution

  If you want to skip the short origin story below and just get the toolkit, then click on "Read More" then click -->   HERE . ******* I started the Film Strategy blog in 2013 to merge my interests, experiences, and knowledge as a filmmaker, entertainment lawyer, and movie-lover for the benefit of filmmakers. If you check out the archives ( go to the menu on the left and click archives or labels OR use the search menu on the right and look up terms ), you'll see tons of posts and articles with entertainment legal advice, screenplay tips, production management best-practices, case studies of filmmakers and how they made their films, and cool historical tidbits. I later put together the Filmmaker's Toolkit, a compendium of useful links, articles, and templates for filmmakers that cover every aspect of filmmaking from Development to Distribution. This e-book is FREE and contains tons of useful stuff in the following areas: DEVELOPMENT LEGAL PRE-PRODUCTION PRODUCTON PO