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PRODUCTION JOURNAL: Director David Lowery's Production Diary for Pete's Dragon

Originally published in Filmmaker magazine  and written by Sarah Salovaara. David Lowery doesn’t necessarily dole out directing tips in his  production diary  for the upcoming Disney remake of  Pete’s Dragon,  but they do seep through in the details. Currently on day 11 of 70 of the New Zealand-based production, many of Lowery’s entries touch upon the fluidity of the filmmaking process. Most recently, he recounts nailing a precisely planned sequence, only to forfeit his original design for another: Today we were back in the woods at Battle Hill, shooting a sequence that I’d planned out very carefully last summer and had no interest in altering. It was two shots, with a very precise cut point, and a camera move that required counting out loud to get the timing right. We got it exactly as I’d intended. I cut it together there on set and it worked fine and so we we moved on to the next shot, which I’d also planned out somewhat extensively. It was designed to be a long, long shot,