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PRODUCTION JOURNAL: An Oral History of Trading Places

Trading Places | John Landis | 1983 | USA | Format: 35mm | 116 min  Business Insider gathered the recollections of director, John Landis ; writers, Tim Harris and Herschel Weingrod ; and, actress, Jamie Lee Curtis for what many consider one of the greatest Wall St. Movies ever made (I think they're right).  It's a fun and intriguing look at how a great comedy was made even though it seems like no one expected it to be a great comedy while it was being made.  However, I think that's more due to modesty because as you read their accounts, besides the fact that it seems like everyone was having a ball working on this, you pick up an essential element of their filmmaking strategy; they trusted their instincts even when the naysayers and higherups did not .  They were a talented bunch but without the confidence  and persistence to back it up it would have been a different movie. During the development of the film: TIM HARRIS, co-writer: There were these two