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PRODUCTION JOURNAL: Midweek Morning Mixer - 7/24/13

Captain's Log.  Star Date 07.24.13 Lots to read and think about if you're a producer or a director, so let's just jump right into it. Variety's latest article makes me think of the following: In the aftermath of some horrible box office numbers for tentpole films, will the studios still prefer spending $250 million on a single movie and letting more quirky or personal films migrate to video-on-demand?  With big- budget event movies cannibalizing each other, will the overseas market grow fast enough to make up for the collateral damage?  Instead of throwing money at a film or an actor and hoping for the best, is there a better, more analytic way to determine beforehand if a film is worth making, and at what specific dollar value? According to Henry Selick , animation also seems to be infected with the condition of " big blockbuster bloatedness " too.  Are creative diversity and online streaming the answer? 6 Lessons from the new digital distribu