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PRODUCTION JOURNAL: Monday Morning Mixer

Captain's Log. (Be a Future) Star Date 07.15.13 Your filmmaking strategy is being impacted as we speak by the people, places and things you stumble upon in your daily life.  Stories and concepts work their way into your brain and gel with what's already there to trigger that bright idea.  You can't help it, your brain is a sponge. And so to help you soak in useful knowledge and interesting tidbits, here are a couple of links and stories to start your day right, wherein... Evan Luzi recommended 5 IOS apps for filmmakers . Josh Golding explains how to create dramatic tension and suspense using the beat sheet . Film composer Rolfe Kent shares his experience advice on making music for indie film. You might be witnessing the birth of a new cinematic genre ? A phone with a 21-megapixel camera exists . Ryan Koo helps you decide what aspect ratio to use . Math and science can actually make you more creative. Alright that's it for now.  Feel free to share an