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PRODUCTION JOURNAL: A Short Film Director's Journey to Sundance 2015

The 414s |  Michael T. Vollman | 2015 | USA | Format: various/unknown  | 12 min  When I was young I wanted to be a hacker (I also wanted to skateboard). My friends and I toyed around with hacking on our Commodore 64 and our school's old Apple Macintoshes but needless to say we didn't become very good at it. (Or skateboarding). Now comes along the story of some kids who did become very good at hacking. So good that the FBI had to chase them down and Congress had to pass legislation to address hacking. Michael T. Vollman is the director of this short story about these hackers called The 414s: The Original Teen Hackers. I would watch it based on the subject of hacking alone but, as a producer, I'm curious to know about his journey to Sundance. Fortunately for us, he wrote a diary of his trip to Sundance, highlighting his experiences there and sharing what it's like to sell your film. Since I believe that the more we know about how things are done behind the scenes

PRODUCTION JOURNAL: Sundance and Rotterdam Roundups 2015 + BERLINALE 2015 Lineup

Stardate: 1.10.15 Two top film festivals have ended and we are in the beginning stages of a third top fest & film market (Berlinale). I study the news of the film festivals in a bipolar fashion; my left brain analyzes what kind of films made deals to get a pulse on the market and my right brain what films have the potential to inspire, impress or interrogate me.  ~~ Danny Indio SUNDANCE Sundance 2015 lineup ~~ MUBI Notebook SUNDANCE AWARD WINNERS: U.S DRAMATIC Grand Jury Prize Me and Earl and the Dying Girl  (Alfonso Gomez-Rejon) Audience Award Me and Earl and the Dying Girl  (Alfonso Gomez-Rejon) Directing Award The Witch  (Robert Eggers, U.S./Canada) Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award The Stanford Prison Experiment  (Tim Talbott) Special Jury Award – Excellence in Cinematography Diary of a Teenage Girl  (Brandon Trost) Special Jury Award – Excellence in Editing Dope  (Lee Haugen) Special Jury Award – Collaborative Vision Advantageous