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PRODUCTION TIPS: 4 Tips to Develop and Plan Your Doc Idea

It seems like we might be living in a golden age for documentaries.  It's not only that the sheer numbers of documentaries being made has spiked in recent years but also the high quality and breadth of topic has exponentially improved as well.  Doc-loving audiences must be elated. The proliferation of digital media technology surely has a hand in this.  Also, the success of the political (ideological?) documentary, the nature and history channels and the onslaught of reality shows have normalized the viewing of documentaries as a genre and made it as popular as the horror or action film.  And finally the ground Vice magazine has broken with their hip, edgy, relevant and informative short documentaries across a variety of topics on Youtube and HBO has given documentaries further staying power in the mainstream culture. It's a good time to be watching documentaries and it's a good time to make them.  That's why it doesn't surprise me to now see other media