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PRODUCTION JOURNAL: The Participant Index Attempts to Figure Out Why Media Audiences Love and Do the Things They Do

Back in March, 2014, Participant Media partnered with the USC Annenberg Norman Lear Center's Media Impact Project (MIP) to announce their collaboration in the service of understanding the social impact of entertainment media.  Their efforts would be named The Participant Index (TPI) and would asses the impact of both Participant and non-Participant supported projects across the range of entertainment: narrative film, documentary films, scripted and reality/alternative TV, short online videos, CSR and branded entertainment. The NY Times now provides us with an update  on this latest quest to uncover the holy grail of audience metrics: ...[N]ew measures of social impact will enable sharper focus and rapid course corrections in what have often been guesswork campaigns to convert films into effective motivational weaponry. That approach would apply to a hit like the movie “Lincoln,” which counseled civic engagement, or to a box-office miss like the antifracking film “Promised